HoRR 2018

After last year’s cancellation, the Head of the River Race (HoRR) 2018 went ahead last Sunday with crews coming from all over the UK and overseas. Our M1 crew was pumped to finally conquer the Tideway as most have never even rowed in the Thames before. Despite the hassle of being in a much lower division, the M1 kept their focus and started their race strong after taking inspiration from higher division boats that raced beforehand. From the start line they had Corpus Christi M1 on their tail which gave our M1 a crew to push off from (just like in Bumps!). Soon after they quickly found themselves caught up in a 4-way sandwich boat with 2 much slower crews ahead of them. One crew decided not to give way which lead to a few heated calls but both our M1 and Corpus managed to pass by the chaos. This was when Corpus made their move and tried their very best to overtake our M1, but to their dismay they had to hold on with the M1 side by side for another few hundred metres of the race. With a better racing line, Corpus edged away only to have our M1 following behind them closely throughout the rest of the race. Passing by the Hammersmith Bridge with cheers from Hughesian spectators brought the fire back into our M1. This led to them passing by more boats with great determination. With 1km left out of the race, the cox called for a power call with the Corpus M1 as the crew to chase to the finish line.

The M1 left everything on that river to finish 194th/302 boats with a time of 20:35.4. This was faster than several 1st Cambridge college boats. A massive congratulations to the M1 crew for a brilliant campaign this term and a huge shoutout to the Men’s Captain, Andrin, for all the organisation that led up to this! #HHBCForever


WEHoRR 2018

Only a week after sprinting in Lent Bumps, W1 had a very different race to compete in – the 6.8 km Women’s Eights Head of the River Race (WEHoRR) on the Tideway in London last Saturday. They started their race strong by nailing their start sequence, which built them up to a solid racing rhythm. By rolling through different technical focuses, they reached the halfway point. Going past Hammersmith Bridge, the crew’s spirit was boosted by the crowd cheering on the bridge, including their coach, Duncan! Soon after they caught up to a crew in front that did not give way, although our W1 was clearly the faster crew. After some aggression between the coxes and strokes, W1 pushed them out of their line and overtook them! Reaching the Black Buoy marking the last 500m, the crew finished the race by charging past the finish line long and strong. With such an eventful term for the W1 crew of Hughes Hall they cannot thank Duncan enough for helping them with WEHoRR trailering and, of course, his fab coaching!

W1 finished 192nd out of 300 with a time of 23:02.2, beating a number of first boats from other Cambridge colleges! However, more importantly, there was some great rowing from our crew during the race; everyone enjoyed themselves, the experience on the Tideway and competing in the same race as Olympic and Blues rowers! A special shoutout and thanks needs to go to their captain, Manja, for believing in them and all her organisational efforts to allow them to compete in such an incredible event! #StrongGameHughesHall

Fifth Day of Lent Bumps Race Report

After another morning of shoveling and gritting the towpath, CUCBC gave the permission for all divisions to race for the final day! Our M2 went off first, hungry for their 3rd Bump in 3 days of racing. They started off strong and rowed their best row so far to close in on Trinity Hall M3. With Trinity Hall clearly intimidated by our M2, they got bumped just at the First Post Corner after our M2 cox took a nice inside line to get the overlap!

With abated winds and a temperature of 2°C, today’s relatively tropical weather compared with yesterday’s, set smiles and high spirits in W1. At the gun, W1 jumped on to a great start, immediately starting to gain on Pembroke W2 and leaving Clare W2 behind. The cox box went off at around the Motorway bridge, but the loyal bank party kept the crew informed of what was ahead. At First Post Reach, Pembroke W2 held the canvas situation for a good 10-15 strokes. A final ‘fire’ push made sure that W1’s bow ball kissed Pembroke’s stern, thus sealing their third and final bump of the week!

Rowing down to the start line with the knowledge that both M2 and W1 bumped up again, M1 was pumped for a great ending to our Lent Bumps campaign. Right from the start they went off hard and fast to leave behind Queens M2. Our M1 managed to get a length on Downing M2 quite quickly. As they passed the Motorway Bridge, the distance went down to half a length and soon after M1 had canvas on Downing. This is when our infamous “footplate 10” call was made and our men gave as much power as possible in each stroke to get the final bump before First Post Corner!

This has been the best Lent Bumps Campaign for Hughes Hall! Both W1 and M1 tied for the highest 1st Hughes Hall boat ranking in Lent Bumps and M2 with the highest ever ranking for a 2nd Hughes Hall boat. Well done to everyone involved and on to the much deserved celebrations at tonight’s Boat Club Dinner! 😀

Fourth Day of Lent Bumps Race Report


Despite the blizzard conditions on the way to Baitsbite Lock, W1 set off the race with a solid start. They kept their strokes long and strong, steadily closing the distance with Clare W2. Just as W1 approached First Post Corner, Clare’s strokeside blades were seen struggling with the bank. W1 secured their bump by sending their bow ball past Clare’s bow ball. Our W1 is now solidly placed in Division 2!

The M1 went off strong with Pembroke M2 chasing them for revenge. Pembroke managed to close in on our M1 with their fast start but this just pushed our men to go even harder. This resulted in our M1 closing the gap on Queens M2 pretty quickly and ended up bumping them after the Motorway Bridge before the First Post Corner.

Both W1 and M1 are now tied in the highest ever Hughes Hall boat position in the Lent Bumps! Great job on the strong performance! #YeahHughes

Third Day of Lent Bumps 2018 Race Report

All races were sadly cancelled for the day due to the combination of very low temperature, high wind and windchill, and frozen towpath surface. This affected all 3 of our crews.

Following from the cancellation, CUCBC gave the permission for all the boat clubs to independently grit the towpath this evening to ensure its safety for umpiring tomorrow’s races. Several Hughes Hall Boat Club members took the opportunity to lend a hand along with the rest of the student rowing community. This effort will continue tomorrow morning prior to hopefully the start of another day of Bumps racing!

Second Day of Lent Bumps 2018 Race Report

After our W1 and M1 secured a place in Division 2 yesterday, both crews had a much deserved rest from today’s less than ideal weather conditions.

M2 was our only crew racing today with heavy snow falling from the sky. At the start, the strong wind blew the boat to the bank causing a few missed strokes but without panicking, they pushed away from the bank and rowed together. They were slowly gaining on Pembroke M3 until they caught a crab after the Motorway Bridge. This allowed Queens’ M4 to catch up on them to half a boat length. This did not phased our M2 crew as they fixed it back quickly and regained their momentum. Pushing away from Queens’ M4 immediately, they rowed pass the stationary Pembroke M3 just before the First Post Corner without realizing the bump has happened. Apparently Pembroke thought they hit something (an ice berg?) and decided to just stop rowing?! Many congratulations to M2 for recovering well on such unexpected conditions to earn your 2nd bump of the week! #WhosHallHughesHall

First Day of Lent Bumps 2018 Race Report

Our M2 raced first on this cold day to chase Queens M4. They had a good start and slowly but surely crept up on Queens to bump them just after the First Post Corner.

W1 and M1 both had a tough day of races starting off as the first boat in their respective Division 3. W1 went off on a strong first race leaving Corpus Christi W1 far behind to finish with a strong row over. M1 also had a calm and strong row over in their first race with Christ M2 incapable of catching up. Coming into their second race as sandwich boats at the bottom of Division 2, our W1 had Christs W2 to chase down and our M1 had Pembroke M2 to catch. W1 went off with a good start to catch Christ very early on just before First Post Corner to seal their position in Division 2! Our M1 went off hard to hope for an early bump but Pembroke went off equally hard. After the boats ahead of Pembroke bumped out it was obvious to our M1 cox that they were starting to slow down. They made a very strong move to gradually close the gap and to finally force their cox to concede just after Ditton Corner. M1 made it into Division 2!!

Amazing results on the first day of Bumps! Well done to all of our 3 crews! #GoHughes