May Bumps 2017 – Day 4 HHLCBC Race Report

W3 kicked off the final day with a strong showing against Christ’s W3, catching them early out of the gate and handing them spoons! A wild ride this week saw them finish up 3 spots.

M2 was up next, looking to take Caius M3’s blades away from them. By the time they got to Grassy, it was an eerily similar situation to Lents with boats pulled in around the corner and a crew jackknifed on the far side. However, M2 maneuvered deftly through closely followed by Catz, walking away after Catz crashed out going for the Bump (0+).

W2 finished their campaign in style. Christ’s was in the Hucy crosshairs again, catching their W2 just past the Motorway Bridge and in full view of the cheering Hucy college party on the bank. They superbladed to glory, ending with an incredible +6!

W1 came out determined as always, chasing down Selwyn W1, handing out yet another set of spoons for the club, and moving ever closer to the coveted Mays 1st division with a +2 finish!

M1 was primed to claw their way back on Saturday, in spite of yet another substitution. While looking cleaner off the start than they had all week, Eddies M1’s ‘go for broke’ mentality ultimately won the day, emptying everything they had into a 400m sprint, catching our guys before first post (-3).

That’s all for this year’s May Bumps!! A big shoutout to all those who competed, and a fond farewell to those who had their last race as a Hucian yesterday; your club is proud and thankful for all you’ve done!!

May Bumps 2017 – Day 3 HHLCBC Race Report

W3 started off strong, but ultimately falling to bump Homerton W2 whom they passed with their legendary overbump and a half the first day. Tomorrow they will be looking to Bump Christ’s (as they did on Day 2) and hand them spoons! They’re currently sitting at +2.

M2 followed next, set to chase down King’s M2 with the best start they’ve had so far. However, a crab before First Post Corner made it not to be, with a Bump from Caius M3. M2 is back to +0 and looking for some revenge tomorrow.

W2 continued their campaign towards blades, knocking our boathouse mates down a peg. They’ll be looking to hand another Christ’s crew spoons tomorrow; currently +5!

W1 came out valiantly today. W1’s determined attitude was on display, riding up on Darwin W1’s tail before Darwin caught a spooning Selwyn (+1); however, this bodes well for tomorrow.

M1 fought their way on to the long reach today, fending off a well matched Homerton until ultimately being bumped. College pride will be on the line tomorrow as they look for revenge and to hold off Eddie’s (-2)!

May Bumps 2017 – Day 2 HHLCBC Race Report

W3 started off the day, riding the wave of their almost unheard of 1.5 bump! They chased down Christ’s W3 before 1st post corner, bringing their total change to up 5 spots!

M2 followed next, set to chase down King’s M2, their foil from Mays 2015 (M2 rowed over against them Days 2 & 3 last year). After a more controlled start today, they fought off a revenge push from Clare Hall M1, and pulled within 3/4 of length, sticking with King’s until the reach but, ultimately, rowing over.

W2 continued the success of the day, chasing down Jesus W3 in a rerow–giving everyone at the Plough something to cheer for as they caught them for the crowd!!

W1 came back with a vengenance today to go up one, by knocking off Robinson W1–setting themselves up again for a rematch from Day 1 against Darwin W1.

M1 put up a valiant fight today, chasing Fitz again all the way to Ditton Corner, where the more seasoned Wolfson M1 caught up with them before they could open up on the Reach.

May Bumps 2017 – Day 1 HHLCBC Race Report

W3 started off the day. Not being deterred by a Bump and technical rowover awarded in front of them, they fought on to get a 1.5 overbump on Sidney W2, moving up 4 spots!

M2 followed next. After a scrappy start, they continued on, bearing down on Clare Hall M1 as they crashed into Grassy Corner, and being awarded an overtaking Bump!

W2 continued the craziness of the day, overbumping on Pembroke W3 between the Plough and Ditton Corner!

W1 & M1 rounded out the day with strong rowovers–in spite of M1 needing to swap a rower at the P&E. MVP for the day goes to M2 rower Husein Alireza for stepping in and saving the day!

163rd Boat Race Report


Yesterday crowds lined the Thames as Cambridge went head to head with Oxford for the 163rd Boat Race. This year we were delighted when 5 Hughesians were announced in the crew, continuing our distinguished tradition of a great representation in the Boat Race.
Ben Ruble (Bow), James Letten (3), Patrick Eble (6), Lance Tredell (7, CUBC President) and Henry Meek (Stroke) made up more than half of the Cambridge blue boat. We followed their progress during the lead up to the race and heard from Lance on his pre-race thoughts in our Humans of Hughes feature.

On race day, both Oxford and Cambridge had a good start and rowed consistently throughout the race. We saw some strong rowing from the Cambridge crew with our men making great strides to keep up with the Oxford crew that consisted of three Olympians and started the race as favourites.

Although an incredible fight throughout the race by our Cambridge crew, Oxford managed to cross the finish line ahead of Cambridge by one a quarter length (4 seconds).

We are so proud of our Hughesians and the Cambridge crew for their tremendous effort.

Congratulations to Oxford for winning the Men’s race and Cambridge for winning the Women’s race.