Fifth Day of Lent Bumps Race Report

After another morning of shoveling and gritting the towpath, CUCBC gave the permission for all divisions to race for the final day! Our M2 went off first, hungry for their 3rd Bump in 3 days of racing. They started off strong and rowed their best row so far to close in on Trinity Hall M3. With Trinity Hall clearly intimidated by our M2, they got bumped just at the First Post Corner after our M2 cox took a nice inside line to get the overlap!

With abated winds and a temperature of 2°C, today’s relatively tropical weather compared with yesterday’s, set smiles and high spirits in W1. At the gun, W1 jumped on to a great start, immediately starting to gain on Pembroke W2 and leaving Clare W2 behind. The cox box went off at around the Motorway bridge, but the loyal bank party kept the crew informed of what was ahead. At First Post Reach, Pembroke W2 held the canvas situation for a good 10-15 strokes. A final ‘fire’ push made sure that W1’s bow ball kissed Pembroke’s stern, thus sealing their third and final bump of the week!

Rowing down to the start line with the knowledge that both M2 and W1 bumped up again, M1 was pumped for a great ending to our Lent Bumps campaign. Right from the start they went off hard and fast to leave behind Queens M2. Our M1 managed to get a length on Downing M2 quite quickly. As they passed the Motorway Bridge, the distance went down to half a length and soon after M1 had canvas on Downing. This is when our infamous “footplate 10” call was made and our men gave as much power as possible in each stroke to get the final bump before First Post Corner!

This has been the best Lent Bumps Campaign for Hughes Hall! Both W1 and M1 tied for the highest 1st Hughes Hall boat ranking in Lent Bumps and M2 with the highest ever ranking for a 2nd Hughes Hall boat. Well done to everyone involved and on to the much deserved celebrations at tonight’s Boat Club Dinner! 😀


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