Fourth Day of Lent Bumps Race Report


Despite the blizzard conditions on the way to Baitsbite Lock, W1 set off the race with a solid start. They kept their strokes long and strong, steadily closing the distance with Clare W2. Just as W1 approached First Post Corner, Clare’s strokeside blades were seen struggling with the bank. W1 secured their bump by sending their bow ball past Clare’s bow ball. Our W1 is now solidly placed in Division 2!

The M1 went off strong with Pembroke M2 chasing them for revenge. Pembroke managed to close in on our M1 with their fast start but this just pushed our men to go even harder. This resulted in our M1 closing the gap on Queens M2 pretty quickly and ended up bumping them after the Motorway Bridge before the First Post Corner.

Both W1 and M1 are now tied in the highest ever Hughes Hall boat position in the Lent Bumps! Great job on the strong performance! #YeahHughes


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