May Bumps 2017 – Day 3 HHLCBC Race Report

W3 started off strong, but ultimately falling to bump Homerton W2 whom they passed with their legendary overbump and a half the first day. Tomorrow they will be looking to Bump Christ’s (as they did on Day 2) and hand them spoons! They’re currently sitting at +2.

M2 followed next, set to chase down King’s M2 with the best start they’ve had so far. However, a crab before First Post Corner made it not to be, with a Bump from Caius M3. M2 is back to +0 and looking for some revenge tomorrow.

W2 continued their campaign towards blades, knocking our boathouse mates down a peg. They’ll be looking to hand another Christ’s crew spoons tomorrow; currently +5!

W1 came out valiantly today. W1’s determined attitude was on display, riding up on Darwin W1’s tail before Darwin caught a spooning Selwyn (+1); however, this bodes well for tomorrow.

M1 fought their way on to the long reach today, fending off a well matched Homerton until ultimately being bumped. College pride will be on the line tomorrow as they look for revenge and to hold off Eddie’s (-2)!


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