May Bumps 2017 – Day 2 HHLCBC Race Report

W3 started off the day, riding the wave of their almost unheard of 1.5 bump! They chased down Christ’s W3 before 1st post corner, bringing their total change to up 5 spots!

M2 followed next, set to chase down King’s M2, their foil from Mays 2015 (M2 rowed over against them Days 2 & 3 last year). After a more controlled start today, they fought off a revenge push from Clare Hall M1, and pulled within 3/4 of length, sticking with King’s until the reach but, ultimately, rowing over.

W2 continued the success of the day, chasing down Jesus W3 in a rerow–giving everyone at the Plough something to cheer for as they caught them for the crowd!!

W1 came back with a vengenance today to go up one, by knocking off Robinson W1–setting themselves up again for a rematch from Day 1 against Darwin W1.

M1 put up a valiant fight today, chasing Fitz again all the way to Ditton Corner, where the more seasoned Wolfson M1 caught up with them before they could open up on the Reach.


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