Pembroke Regatta 2017

Brilliant performance by HHLCCBC Women last weekend at Pembroke Regatta! The club was represented for the first time by four (!) women’s crews that made a great impression before Bumps.

W4 had a tough first race against Churchill W2, who won the division. They were right on their stern the whole way, which was a great achievement! On their second race they easily beat Pembroke W3 and made us really proud.

W3 started by beating Jesus W3 in what was a great race, including a recovery from a crab and some really strong pushes! They went on against Clare W3 and although they were with them for most of it, Clare pulled away in the end. A good practice for the getting-on-race coming up this Friday!

W2 had a difficult first round against Newnham W2, who won the division far ahead of everyone they came across. The girls rowed strong against them, having brought the nice race-feeling of Bedford into their rowing! Unfortunately Newnham pulled away, but our W2 is now sharpening up for Bumps and nothing can get in their way!

W1 started off lightly in the first round, rowing the course alone, as Downing W1 scratched. They faced Selwyn W1 in the next round, winning easily with a nice strong rate. Next was Christ’s who pushed our crew the whole way, but was left a length behind in the last few hundred meters. In the final, our W1 faced Newnham W1 who started pulling away from the start but were chased with determination until the end by our crew, putting the club in the table of runner-ups!

Congratulations to everyone for the amazing effort and results! Bring on Bumps!


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