Lent Bumps – HHLCBC Race Report

Day 1: What an amazing first day of Lent Bumps! Our M1 AND W2 moved up one place in their divisions- M1 bumped St. Catharine’s M2 and W2 bumped Murray Edwards W2!
Our awesome W3 rowed over at the top of Division 4 and then got a technical row over in their second race at the bottom of Division 3 (due to a blockage in front of them)!

Day 2: Strong and committed row overs from M1, W1 and W2 today, easily walking away from the crews behind of them! W3 showed an amazing effort, but got caught by Clare W3.

Day 3:  Our W1 made a strong effort by bumping Peterhouse W1 before First Post Corner! Our W3 put in all they can today but got caught by Lady Margaret W3. 

Day 4: M1 beautifully bumped Emmanuel M2 on Ditton Corner, giving Emma’s stern a gentle kiss!  Our W2 went out today determined to bump St. Edmund’s W1 – and so they did! Very quickly and efficiently after around 300 metres on First Post Corner! With the boats bumping out in front, our W1 went after Caius W1 for the overbump! They showed a strong, powerful race and rowed over in the end!

Last Day: M1 had their eyes on Christ’s M2 and managed to get the bump even when Christ’s tried their very best to push off from them. This placed them on the 1st position of the division and also the sandwich boat of the above division. They rowed strong and hard for the second race, unfazed by Pembroke M2 attempt at going all out to catch Sidney M1, only to end up crashing by Grassy. M1 got the 4th bump and their blades!! W2 was in the same position as M1, putting a strong 1st race to bump Corpus Christi W1. Racing in the second race as the sandwich boat to catch Clare W2, Christ’s W2 decided to catch a crab making it easy for Clare to bump them. Since every boats ahead of them bumped out too, the W2 rowed over securing their 1st position in their division. W1 went all out for a spectacular bump on Queen’s W1, putting them in the 15th position of Division 1! W3 tried their very best for the last day but eventually got bumped by Murray Edwards W3.



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