163rd Boat Race Report


Yesterday crowds lined the Thames as Cambridge went head to head with Oxford for the 163rd Boat Race. This year we were delighted when 5 Hughesians were announced in the crew, continuing our distinguished tradition of a great representation in the Boat Race.
Ben Ruble (Bow), James Letten (3), Patrick Eble (6), Lance Tredell (7, CUBC President) and Henry Meek (Stroke) made up more than half of the Cambridge blue boat. We followed their progress during the lead up to the race and heard from Lance on his pre-race thoughts in our Humans of Hughes feature.

On race day, both Oxford and Cambridge had a good start and rowed consistently throughout the race. We saw some strong rowing from the Cambridge crew with our men making great strides to keep up with the Oxford crew that consisted of three Olympians and started the race as favourites.

Although an incredible fight throughout the race by our Cambridge crew, Oxford managed to cross the finish line ahead of Cambridge by one a quarter length (4 seconds).

We are so proud of our Hughesians and the Cambridge crew for their tremendous effort.

Congratulations to Oxford for winning the Men’s race and Cambridge for winning the Women’s race.


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