Fairbairns – Race Report



The novice women absolutely smashed it at Fairbairns! NW1 came 6th among the W1s and NW2 came 4th among the W2s. Unprecedented success for the club! Congratulations to all for your hard work and commitment during this term. You have now officially graduated to seniors!


NM1 had an awesome race in Fairbairns with a calm and strong start. They had a solid race, with a nice rhythm of 28 for the whole race, and constant power and good technique. Although LMBC MII approached HH NM1, the steering abilities and the great calls of the Hughes cox pushed the boat away from the chasing crew. They finished strong without any crabs in the whole race. The guys had a great race and showed the potential of the men for the next term. Well done guys!

NM2 got off to a calm, strong start through the boathouses, giving their first-time racing cox an easy go around the curvy Cam. By the Chesterton footbridge, it was evident that Jesus had made a mistake in not granting extra starting space between Trinity NM4 and the stronger Hughes crew. Having to dial down the rate to not overtake before the Green Dragon and waiting eons for them to cede the racing line after the bridge, Hughes Hall NM2 walked past Trinity after briefly fighting off a killer Cam crab. By Morley’s Holt, there was nothing between them and the finish, except for an ever closer Downing boat. Pushing out of the railway bridge, the crew emptied their tank, fighting off strained forearms and another crab, to finish strong on the Reach! A first time race for 3 of the crew, and an amazing end to the novice term for the men of Hucy!!



Senior Fairbairns today and the women’s squad cheekily entered two eights, possibly for the first time ever. With little time to train, everyone gave their best during the few preparatory outings and both crews came together beautifully! W1 came 6th among the college first boats, one place higher than last year! W2 came 3rd in their division. This is a huge success for the club and the squad, coming on top of the great novice results from the day before. We are very proud of everyone’s efforts and progress! We are going into Lents with amazing potential and lots to expect…Congratulations Hucy!



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