Novices take to the river for their first race at Emma sprints

Congratulations to all the novice crews that participated today in the Emma Sprints!

NM1 (owls) started their first race against Christ’s at a good pace but then freaked out in the middle but still put up a good fight till the end. Second race against Emma was much calmer and smoother that gave them the win easily by more than 2 lengths! 

NM2 (elves) unfortunately had to stop midway their first race against Downing but still rowed through to the finish line despite problems in the boat. They kept it together for their second race even with a restart against Darwin and finished strong.

NW1 unfortunately had to stop halfway through the race but they picked it back up and fought all the way to the finish chasing FaT. Well done ladies for not giving up and pushing it through all the way to the end!

NW2 had an exciting win against Clare and then a hard fight against Trinity which they unfortunately lost but still an exciting race!

NW3 made it to the final and lost by only a length in hard fought race against Queens NM3!

Big well done again to all of our crews!



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