Winningest! HHLCCBC take Michell Cup

The Hughes Hall and Lucy Cavendish College Boat Club (HHLCCBC) has won the Michell Cup which is awarded to the winningest club at Cambridge each year. The Michell Cup acknowledges the great success HHLCCBC has had on the river during the course of this academic year, having finished the year with 70.0 points, ahead of Wolfson in second place and Jesus College in third (full results here).

Also this year, for the first time in history, a boat has qualified at the Henley Royal Regatta bearing the Hughes Hall identity.

The qualifying boat consists of an amalgamation of the Clare College Boat Club and the Hughes Hall Boat Club with, specifically, the rowers being from Clare and the cox (Rosemary Ostfeld) being from Hughes Hall.

We are delighted to see the 91 Clare & Hughes Hall, Cambridge boat on the official Henley Royal Regatta website and program.

Henley is simply the biggest, most prestigious, and oldest rowing regatta in the world, so it is a great honour to be recognised in this forum. All the best to the Hughesians who are taking part in the Regatta.


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