HHLCCBC rows through the summer with success

The Hughes Hall Lucy Cavendish College Boat Club (HHLCCBC) had a very successful summer, winning 4 regattas over 3 months. The boat club, consisting of Hughes Hall and Lucy Cavendish students, entered the following events, with the success detailed below:

A) St. Neots Regatta, July 24th 2016*

W.IM3.VIII+ (won)

B) Sudbury Regatta, August 8th 2016*

W.NOV.IV+ (won)

– Cantabs by 3 lengths (heat)

– Sudbury by 4 lengths (final)

C) Peterborough Regatta, August 14th 2016*

1) W.IM3.IV+

2) W.IM2.IV+ (went to the finals)

3) Mix.IM3.VIII+ (raced in the final)

D) Cantabs Summer Regatta, August 27th 2016

1) W.IM3.IV+ (raced in the final)

2) NOV.IV+ (won)

E) Cambridge Autumn Regatta, September 11th 2016*

1) W.IM3.IV+ (went to the finals, lost to Downing)

2) NOV.IV+ (won)

*British Rowing events



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